12 April 2015

Tool use and Quizlet

Thinking about Vygotsky's idea of tool use—flashcards are a common example of people creating and using signs as they work to develop. Quizlet was the first software for this kind of thing that a Google search returned, and I used the free version to begin a set of flashcards on Vygotsky. As a learning activity, it probably works the best if learners create their own sets according to their own questions. But using sets created by others is fun, too.

Disclaimer...I made this little set. The definitions are my paraphrasing from Mind in Society, not direct quotes from the book (which they would be if this was anything 'official'). This is part of the reason why I think the value of an activity like this lies more in building your own than playing pre-builts (as with so many learning activities.)

08 April 2015

Vector Art is Awesome and so is Affinity Designer

Lev Vygotsky made with pixelmator
As a longtime Adobe Illustrator user, it’s a big relief to finally find an alternative I like. Affinity Designer feels really well built and is fun to use. As an exercise I scrawled Vygotsky with the pen tool and appreciated the ease of use, intuitive keyboard shortcuts and smooth bezier curve adjustments. Exporting to .png was lightening fast too. Even has an easy option to export to .svg
Community of Inquiry Framework graphic, made with pixelmator