02 February 2011

Dr. Curtis Bonk talks at UGA

Dr. Bonk stopped by the UGA campus to give a presentation today. The talk started at three, and I made the mistake of setting it up as a 4 o'clock on my calendar. So, I got online to see if I could find anything from Dr. Bonk online. Turns out he's got a great web presence.

The most recent streaming lecture I could find is from Florida State University in October 2010.

So, here's how to get some Bonk insight if you couldn't make the live talk. It's an enthusiastic presentation touching on many of the great educational opportunities available on the web, with a focus on open and free resources. Actual talk starts 5 minutes in.

He begins by listing three sites where you can find his talks, lecture notes, and publications…

- all of his talks

- has all of the lecture notes and a free e-book

- recent publications

- his personal site, which is a hub that will link you to all of the above and more....