14 January 2011

Steve Wozniak on Innovation

Here's a clip from Wozniak speaking from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. He has good advice about being innovative, and a certain idea I think is worth this block quote:

If you wanna innovate, generally have a goal. Don't necessarily know the direction to get there. If you know the direction in advance, it's probably not a good enough goal. Have a goal, something that you wanna do, and start thinking out 'what are the steps people would take'…find your way to get there and to build your end goal. Don't give up the end goal, but don't be crude. Be an artist. Try to do it very cleverly, and carefully. And have a feeling that you're probably doing it the best way that it can be done in the world…

…The end goal you gotta get to. And you have to know how to figure it out. It's better if you haven't read the book on how to get there. If you can write the book yourself. Have that ability. Just believe in yourself. You don't have to be super smart…you might have to have some basic background…but you got the smarts to start putting things together and achieving a final product that works. Even though you don't finish it in one day.

Instructional Designers have so many subjects and disciplines to pull from in order to create the best learning objects they can- computer science, cognitive science, learning theory, the arts, nature- the list is long. In fact, the list is so long, it seems like having a strategy, or a goal, is a great way to navigate through the multitude of choices that face us with every design decision we make. Let the idea lead the design, not the tools.