09 September 2010

New Kindle New Ideas

Today UPS brought  me a new toy, err, device. The new Kindle.

The reason I got this and not the i-pad was just that I wanted to read things on a non back-lit screen. After spending some hours on a computer, I tend to get headaches, but I can read a regular book for hours and hours. While complaining about this to a friend, I got told to get a Nook from B&N. The headaches would go away. 

Well, I got a Kindle and yep, the headaches are gone. Looks like a real piece of paper; I can tell I'm hooked.

Determined to spend no more money on this thing, and knowing that "they" really want me to start buying content, I searched the Kindle book store on Amazon, sorting prices "low to high" to see all the free books they have.

I lucked out and found something really interesting (soon to be forgetting about the "device" and getting into the content).

So, let me just give you a tip for a great, free, article you can get on whatever device you have. Find: The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age by Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg (MIT Press) 2009. What I read here is so in line with the philosophy of my current grad program it's uncanny. My favorite phrase- "participatory learning."

I think it's a good omen the first article I read on the Kindle was this one. Also, check out the related site: www.futureofthebook.org/

Finally, I'm going to sleep, after hours of reading. No headache at all :-)